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Archived Presentations


FEDCO IEP RFP Finalists Presentation
FEDC IEP Status Update Presentation
AIDEA June 25th Board Meeting

October 2014

2mb Interior Delegation Project Update

September 2014

5mb IGU Presentation to AIDEA Board
774kb MWH Presentation to AIDEA Board
2mb Oil and Gas Congress Presentation

August 2014

2mb FEDC - Community Meeting

July 2014

2mb FEDC - Community Meeting
2mb FNG - Community Meeting
2mb IGU - Community Meeting
2mb MWH - Community Meeting

June 2014

2mb June 4th Board Meeting

April 2014

2mb Board Meeting Presentation

February 2014

4mb IEP Legislative Update Presentation

December 2013

1.8mb LNG Trucking Update
93km AGDC & ASAP Update
560kb Cook Inlet Activities and Natural Gas Update
2.8mb Alaska Railroad IEP Update

November 2013

3mb Pentex Presentation
374kb Spectrum Presentation
236kb MWH Presentation
2.4mb LNG Trucking Roundtable

October 2013

355kb Local Government Workshop
1.7mb October 2013 AIDEA Board Meeting

September 2013

2.8mb September 2013 AIDEA Board Meeting

July 2013

1.5mb July 2013 AIDEA Board Meeting

May 2013

1.4mb IEP Presentation
1.2mb IEP Legislative Presentation

June 2013

1.4mb June 2013 AIDEA Board Meeting