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Archived News Room and Press Releases

190kb AIDEA Reaches Another IEP Milestone: All Permits to Build North Slope LNG Facility in Place
190kb Joint Release - Natural Gas for Interior Takes Major Step Forward, IGU will procure pipe in fourth quarter for North Pole construction
29kb MWH Global Contracts with AIDEA for North Slope Gas Project
209kb AIDEA and MWH Sign Interior Energy Project Agreement
209kb AIDEA Board Approves IEP Project Loans Press Release
255kb Legislature Passes IEP
267kb AIDEA Issues Report on IEP
210kb AIDEA Board Approves Two Business Loans
MWH Global Selected for North Slope LNG Plant
218kb AIDEA Board Selects North Slope LNG Plant Participant
1.3mb AIDEA Resolution No. G14-01